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Saturday, May 23rd, 2015
Tracie Gilbert, MEd, MSEd
Creating Sexual & Reproductive Health in the 
Era of “Situationships”**

Events from: 1:30-4pm 
Cost: $23

**Topics discussed in this space are not appropriate for youth

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Tracie Q. Gilbert can be best described as a “jill of many trades”, working predominantly as an educator for teens and young adults in the Greater Philadelphia area, but serving in a number of various capacities as an educator, trainer and facilitator nationwide. During a typical workweek, Ms. Gilbert can be found providing sexual health services (counseling, workshops, etc.) for high-risk students at Bartram High School in Southwest Philadelphia; during the evenings, she supports the Office of Residence Life at Widener University, as Coordinator for their 6 Living Learning Communities. Ms. Gilbert is a doctoral student in Widener’s Human Sexuality Education program; eventually she will use that degree to train incoming human sexuality educators, at both the undergraduate and graduate level.

Ms. Gilbert comes to you today by way of David M Hall Associates, for which she provides online and in-person training for teachers in the K12 system, focusing primarily on bullying, social media, and diversity in the classroom. In addition, Ms. Gilbert has created curricula for DMHA and various other groups, including workshops on addressing gender discrimination in sports through Title IX, Safe Space Ally training curriculum for staff at Widener University, and today’s presentation, Allies & Bystanders Against Prejudice: Ensuring a Williams College Community for All. Ms. Gilbert has been both participant and facilitator for a number of various community discussions on diversity and social justice, including the Urban League of Greater Madison’s Community Discussions on Race, and the 2014 Martin Luther King Jr. Real Talk Day of Dialogue, at Temple University in Philadelphia.

Ms. Gilbert is an avid scholar of many subjects, including adolescent development, sexuality among African American populations, intersectional identities in sexuality, and diversity and social justice, more generally speaking. Together, these elements provide an eclectic mix of experiences and expertise, all of which she looks forward to sharing with you.