Open House (Pre-Fete)

Greet the Altar / Meet the Elders
Saturday, May 23 5-6pm Location: 6906 4th St, NW, WDC

(See below for more information about the Oshun Fete which follows the Open House)

The Altar is energized, the space is set and the doors are open! The Mother's of The Healing Lodge welcome you to come and make your prayers and petitions to our Divine Mother,

Oshun who fills us all with the spirit of love, freedom and optimism.

All are encouraged to bring offerings for the altar of Oshun. All offerings will be donated to the "N" Street Village Community Women's Shelter & Program.

Her symbols and most favored offerings are mirrors, jewelry, honey, golden silks, feather fans, yams, and perfumes/oils. Altars for Oshun are also offered sweet foods, honey, coral, champagne, cowrie shells, amber, brass and gold. Gemstones such as carnelian, coral, agate, brown jasper, orange stones, blue calcite, aquamarine can also be offered.

A special request: Although these items are not commonly offered at the altar of Oshun, The Healing Lodge would like to suggest the following offerings in addition to the above noted items. We are making this suggestion because the items will be donated to a women's shelter we'd like to ask that you consider offering that would bring the gift of Oshun's energy into the lives of the women of the "N" Street Village!

Items like:

A beautiful new dress, skirt or blouse

A new, unused make up kit

New, unused intimate apparel

New, unused hair supplies & adornments

Altar Hosts

Chief Priestess Ngwebafor Juliana

Priestess and Healer of the Mbatu region of Cameroon, West Africa. She is a High Priestess, properly titled; Ngwebafor, translated in her dialect as mother to the kings and priests. Priestess Ngwebafor has a strong command of herbology and other healing modalities. She actively supports and advises those seeking mental and physical well-being and the path of spiritual development. She is a wife, mother and grandmother to many and she maintains her own committed spiritual practice through her church and her shrine.

Healing focus: Male and Female Sexual/Reproductive Health, Panic/Anxiety disorders, Diabetes and more.


Iyanifa Osunnike Anke'

Iya Osunnike is a Natural Healer, Spiritual Midwife and Seeress.

She is initiated into the ancient healing traditions as a Yoruba priestess of Osun, a Reiki Master and Teacher. Iya Osunnike has additional training and talent in psycho-spiritual therapy and is known as the healers healer. Iya Osunnike is wife, mother and grandmother. 

Healing focus: Womb health, trans-mutational healing, Psycho-spiritual counseling and more.


Dr. Atiba Vhier

Iya Atiba is a beautiful bridge between two worlds of healing. She is a licensed psychologist, Reiki Master, Touch therapist, sound healer and Aromatherapist.

Healing focus: Psycho-spiritual counseling, sound/vibrational healing and more