OsunKemi 2015


OsunKemi began as a spark of Divine inspiration. We learned that OsunKemi would be the medium through which a cross section of communities would experience the healing, prosperous and creative energy of Oshun. Oshun reminds us that we ARE abundance. She reminds us that we are in fact manifestations of the one God, and as such, we are capable of all things. OsunKemi came to spread joy, sweetness and gratitude when many in our community are experiencing pain and difficulty. With your help, our community was able to connect with our Divinity, give voice to our prayers and celebrate our many blessings.

“Opo Lopo,” written in the old-world Yoruba dialect, was our chant on the night of the Oshun Fete. Opo Lopo means abundance. It is a term that crosses space and time as it gives thanks for all that we’ve received in the past, making no distinction of our experiences as either negative or positive; it acknowledges all that we have in the blessing of life today and it represents belief that if we pray for all that we need, live in alignment with Divine law and constantly cultivate good character, we will be filled with the embodiment of our co-creative power and manifest all that we will. Opo Lopo embodies the energy of gratitude, affirmation and praise.

We chanted that night giving honor to the righteous ways of our ancestors, the powerful expression of our people today and the dynamic transformation that our youth will yield for us tomorrow. We prayed for ourselves, our families and you, the beautiful members of our community; that we all may be  found living in alignment with God’s will and that we are able to tap in to her ever-flowing blessings.

Thank you all for your support, guidance, participation and prayers.
May the rivers of peace and prosperity run cool and constant
just outside of your door. See you next year!