This event is for business owners, entrepreneurs, & artists

Friday, May 22nd, 2015
Iyanifa Osunnike Anke’
Channeling the Divine Creative Power into 
Manifestation & Prosperity

Event from: 7-9pm
Cost: $23

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Iyanifa Osunnike Anke

Osunnike Anke is the co-founder and president of the Institute of Whole Life Healing, an organization designed to assist individuals and groups in rebirthing their divinity. She is a natural healer, spiritual midwife, and seeress who is initiated into the ancient West African spiritual traditions of Ifa as a Yoruba priestess of Osun; goddess of love, beauty, sensuality, and fertility. In addition she is a psycho-spiritual therapist and performance artist who magically weaves her artistic talents, which include drama therapy, playwriting, poetry, short-story writing, acting, music and sound healing into a rich mosaic of Ritual Healing Art.