Vision Quest Sip & Paint

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Vision Quest Sip & Paint

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The Healing Lodge invites you to attend a Vision Quest Sip & Paint (non-alcoholic) Oct 14, Nov 18, & Dec 9  1:00pm - 5:00pm cost: $50 per session

Sip & Paint Session facilitated by Najiyyah Massassi

Kundalini Yoga and Meditation facilitated by Thanayi Jwahir  

As we prepare to cast our vision in paint, we’ll enjoy -Fire-keeping -Kundalini Yoga on the Land, and -Group Meditation in the 30ft Traditional Tipi to assist you in opening the way for all that you seek to manifest.

Hamblecha/Vision Quest: “Crying for a Vision” is a sacred Lakota ritual in which individuals seek greater understanding & manifestation  through their connection with Great Spirit. Traditionally, and here at The Healing Lodge, this happens in seclusion through fasting and prayer over the course of 1-8 days. Inquire for scheduling information.

Sip & Paint: Sip & Paint events are commonly group lessons where wine and other beverages are served to each participant in order to assist them in opening up the way for whatever they seek to manifest. For this Sip & Paint, we will not need wine--your Kundalini yoga and Tipi Meditation will assist you to your opening. Once you are there and you are ready to cast your vision, we'll support you with 2 servings of our lovely Oshun Brew and complimentary hors d'oeuvres. Our format is group instruction, with one-on-one attention to be given to each participant. 

Oshun Brew:  A proprietary blend of nectar, herbs and accents, this special brew is named for Oshun. It is subtle yet impactful, and its sensual inflections will support you as you flow.