Womanhood Rites Overview

Scope and Purpose

Scope: Our Rites of Passage programs for women are separated into four stages of development. These stages include Womanhood Rites I and II; ages 18-24 and 25-34 as well as Wise Woman Rites I and II; which includes ages 35-49 and 50 & beyond.

This program is designed to support biological females of all ages. It is not associated with any one religion or practice, political view or association and we welcome women of all cultures and nationalities. We hold personal choice and universal respect for humanity at the center of our program and will honor all who honor that creed.

Purpose: To create a space for women to honestly acknowledge and accept the oft-times reality that although we are biologically adult females, we have not been made prepared to step into our role as independent, self-assured and visionary leader; all integral attributes of the woman, in addition, we are expected to be a balanced and supportive intimate partner, a responsible employee or savvy business owner and a good mother. Our Rites of Passage program offers every woman the opportunity and the tools to stand in her stage of womanhood with clarity, purpose and power. She is supported by her sisters-in-the-rites and her preceptor and a host of talented experts who will all share their knowledge and their experience to guide and challenge her to go deeper into her knowing and “do the work” to bring forth the wise woman that she is destined to become!

Our greatest work is to find our truth and craft our lives to be in alignment with that truth, then to connect our lives to the lives of our sisters and live out of each others’ experience as women; as sisters. 

General Structure

Structure, schedule and expectations: 9 month program, running from January to September. There are 9 modules and monthly interface meetings. There are 18 teleconference sessions and three trimester excursions that will take place throughout the program as well as regular one-on-one check-ins with the preceptor which can be by phone or in person. It is important to note that this program begins on December 31st of every year. This is an important and non-negotiable start date. Please plan accordingly.

Initiates are required to attend monthly gatherings and trimester field excursions. Often, participants travel to the DC area from other states; we welcome you and will work together to accommodate this reality. Initiates are also required to complete reading and research assignments, maintain a reflection journal, and communicate by telephone, text, email and video conference via Skype/ OOVOO/Tango or similar services.

Initiates are expected to fully participate in the program over the duration of nine months. Successful completion of the program is determined by review of the Initiates participation which is conducted by the preceptor and the Council of Elders as well as a self-assessment to be completed by the Initiate. A delicate balance of participation, assignment submission, relationship building and evidence of successful personal development are all taken into consideration when determining if an Initiate has successfully completed the Rites of Passage program. If it is determined that an Initiate has not successfully completed the program, she will be guided to develop an Initiate Development Plan (IDP) and work closely with the preceptor as a client of The Healing Lodge (THL) towards successful completion of that plan.

Materials and additional cost:  For information regarding the program cost, please visit our Commerce section. In addition to the cost of this program, T-shirts and sweatshirts are available but not required. Some modules will require the Initiate to purchase a book or video (or borrow from a library), attend a class or workshop or make small investments towards her overall health and wellness. As we get closer to the end of the program, initiates will be required to “Get her personal, financial and business house in order”. Additional expense may be incurred here. Finally, similar to high school and college graduation, there are some expenses that will be associated with the completion of the program. We understand the importance of advanced notice and communication and we will work to keep a healthy balance between the need to plan and prepare and the “unspoken” nature of the traditional Rites of Passage process.